Fingerprint ID workforce payroll management 


The following is a short summary of the WFID (Workforce ID) Roll Call system. The WFID product provides for the
identification of employees by way of fingerprint scanning with associated reporting of time and date logs.
This involves the establishment of a database of employees containing their fingerprints, display of their
pictures and work functions or purpose. Output formats for data logs include MS Excel and CSV file types or other
as may be customized for specific clients. Edits to the loaded workforce database are possible by a
person having administrator rights. Such a person will use a password and their fingerprint to access the data
store to edit features.

 -    Simple to use system provides fast system operational usability.
 -    Multiple fingers able to be used, for finger print scan per person, provide
                                              system reliability. Suitable for civils applications!!!
 -    Multiple reporting options provide system value.
 -    Photo display of each registered finger print scan provides system user
                                              confidence at point of capture.
 -    Multiple user type interface provides system security and on the spot
                                              conflict resolution.


Accurate records with respect to

Workforce member/group ID,

Date & Time per scan

Work Group/Function

Scan Terminal or Access Point ID



The system will generate print and softcopy reports that may be opened by any product able to read MS Excel or CSV.
Therefore integration with payroll or other systems is a simple matter.



The time saved per roll cal can be expressed in Rand terms with respect to man-hours saved.

Product Description

Product Component List

The following is a list of components.


·        Installation CD

·        Software Manual

·        Fingerprint Scanning Device


The following are to be supplied by the

Client or by arrangement


·        Computer / Laptop

·        Optional Screen

·        Computer Network - Optional

·        Printers – Optional

·        Digital Camera - Optional


Recommended Environment

For rapid development in a low volume environment, the Windows operating system is recommended.

On-going Support

This can be provided on either a monthly support charge or on an ad-hoc basis. Ad hoc problem resolution will be billed
at the applicable consulting fee. If Monthly support is required, this will have to be negotiated dependent upon site
location, volumes and nature of support required. The system is designed to be user friendly with little or no support

Applicable Fees


No of Installations

Price per Unit

1 - 10


11 - 20


21 +


 Optional service fees

Consulting – Initial consultation is not charged, thereafter fees are R250 per hour.

Training – Initial training for 2 hrs is provided in Durban Area at no charge. Thereafter consulting fees are applicable.

Installation – Client may perform installation from CD. Assistance is available at consulting fee.

Network – Establishment of Network or other IT support is available at Consulting Fee.

Product Modification – Programming Modification of product to specific client requirements is available at R250/hr.

Database Population – The capture of workforce data for system commissioning may be optionally provided. Rates
applicable as per consulting fee with a lower rate of R150 per hour for any additional on
site data capture staff required.

Integration – Customization of integration to corporate systems, e.g. Pay Roll, Project Management, GIS etc.


Terms and Conditions