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GIS services can be described in two parts:
  - There are the nice to do theoretical analysis parts of the work that support the decision making process by quantifying and expressing the relationships between real and imagined spatial scenarios.
  - Then there is the grunge work of collecting information and building accurate reliable data sets that support the above. Careful attention must be paid to data structure and integrity without which the above will fail.


Projects performed by GPSMaps members include;
- GPS data capture of 600 hundred thousand Telkom customers, Eskom Customers, Water services.

- Creation of 5000+georefferenced thermal image database

- Creation of asbuilt KSIA infrastructure mapping.
- GPS capture of city wide street signage, road layout capture.
- Conversion of CAD and hardcopy service drawings to shape files for further linear analysis.
- Scanning, clipping and georefferencing of National 50000 scale topography maps.
- Creation of countries first mobile PDA based street navigation system.
- Collation and Conversion of all available spatial data to single National Data set in Oracle Spatial.


  • 3D Modeling

  • Spatial Analysis

  • View shed analysis

  • Specialist script build

  • Web data dissemination

  • Database design and build for customer services management, image lookup and display, revenue management with spatial support.

  • System design

  • Workflow design


  • GIS data modeling

  • Wide format scanning and rectification to defined coordinate system.

  • Image vectorisation and annotation

  • Rectification of  air survey imagery,

  • Georefferencing of raster imagery,

  • Conversion of CAD and GIS data formats

  • GPS data capture of services, electrical, water, telecommunications, street signage, housing etc.

  • Digital Elevation Models DEM derived from created appropriate TIN or GRID.

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