This application was first created for some famous private schools wishing to include GIS in the school curriculum
and later modified for municipal and construction monitoring use.

-The schools variant requires excel to be loaded on each user PC as well as supplied free or corporate GIS software.
The application will import GPS data from a variety of formats and display same data in an editable table.
The user may edit coords to form lines, and point features and edit attributes before exporting data as shape
files. Shape files created, are prefixed with student name and project number and saved to a specified teacher
marking folder.
The GIS software is auto fired and the display shows the background with the new shape files overlaid. Where data
is being added to an existing project shape file, an optional avx script will backup previous data, allow user
to select which new data sources to combine and add this data to the previously stored data as a current combined
shape file.

-The municipal variant downloaded GPS data from GPS enabled PDA's and merged the onboard databases with the Access
master database before exporting the data via VB coded embedded database application to GIS shape files and managing as above.

A further variant of this development was created for RDP house build monitoring and matched on site build progress
to payment authorization. Photos and GPS coords were captured on site at each payment benchmark, attribute data is checked against
drop down selection menus for conformance and payment authorization with previous non conformance red flagged for further inspection.

This product may now be adapted to use core components for many other applications

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