Surveying, GIS & Data

Members of the GPSMaps team individually have more than 25yrs experience each in the surveying profession and associated industries. Such members include Specialist surveyors, Professional Land Surveyors, Programmers and Data captures. Members have been active in the industry providing training and technical expertise to a number of institutions and have given back to the industry by way of serving terms on ITESSA and GISSA committees, providing training as well as lecturing at times at Universities.


Projects undertaken to date cover a broad spectrum of Surveying, GIS and Data management disciplines. GPSMaps is

able to appoint experienced specialist staff who get the job done, efficiently, correctly, first time.


  • Cadastral

  • Sectional Title and Subdivision

  • Topographical and contour surveys from single stand to large areas in excess of 20 hectares

  • Estimation of volumes and areas with respect to dam survey and design

  • Setting and checking of formwork.

  • Design and setting out of road vertical and horizontal alignment, batters and stake out.

  • Design and setting out of rail vertical and horizontal alignment

  • Design of site drainage and setting out thereof

  • Measurement and calculation of areas and volumes

  • Setting out of works for services, piles, foundations and structures

  • Precise alignment of machinery, crane gantry, fabrication rollers, etc

  • Measurement of electrical conductor sag clearance,

  • Route Planning

  • Reticulation as built surveys, compilation and investigation,

  • Radio detection of underground services

  • GPS attribute data collection at local and national scales

  • Creation of specialist surveying calculation and mapping software.

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